About Nicola

Hi, I’m Nicola (Nic, Nicky, Nikki!). Mum to 2 teens, a crazy German Shepherd and a feral cat (she is actually our cat with a loving home, she just likes to run wild).

I am a dedicated, passionate personal trainer & the founder of Team Goss Fitness, a personal training service that focuses on empowering women through fitness.

I specialise in crafting personalised workout plans that cater to women’s unique goals, body types, injuries, likes & dislikes. In my private facility I strive to foster a supportive and motivating environment, ensuring that my clients not only achieve their fitness goals but also embrace a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

I completely understand the barriers women can face when it comes to their health, fitness & finding time for themselves!

How do I understand this? ……By being a busy working mum myself of course! As well as being a PT, I work part-time as a Professional & Financial Lines Claims Adjuster and have done for 20 years! I now work from home but I’ve certainly done my fair share of travelling back and forth into London day in / day out & know what that feels like.


3 facts about me

My favourite food is lasagne

I used to ice skate for Great Britain (Synchronised Ice Skating - Google it, it’s very cool - in my opinion!)

I’m currently training to be a Menopause Coaching Specialist!

So that is me, I am committed to helping women to build confidence & competence in the gym!


CYMCA Level 2 Gym Instructor

CYMCA Level 2 Exercise to Music

City & Guilds Advanced Exercise, Health & Fitness Instruction – including Level 3 Programming personal training with clients, Level 3 Delivering personal training sessions, Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology for exercise & health & Level 3 Applying the principles of Nutrition to a physical activity programme.

VTCT Level 3 Antenatal & Postnatal

NASM Youth Exercise Specialist

FA Level 1 Football Coaching

Advanced Resistance Training

Nutrition & Weight Management

Behaviour Change Coaching

Functional Equipment Training

Circuit Solutions

Group Studio Cycling



Emergency First Aid (St. John’s Ambulance)